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Luminance Studio: Abstract composition, the glow of the earth

 I dabbled, daub... :)


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You sure did Surov!   Pretty colours! it looks quite windswept too.  :) Robyn

I can't decide if I see an underwater scene or landscape. Nice!


Great! It's the Russian version of the Northern Lights. After a few vodkas!


Ha-ha :)
My son saw the fire and the house under the tree ...
A green spot is something incomprehensible to him. (For me too! LOL)
Thank you all for the feedback!



This new program is exciting. The layout and theme is perfect and although i haven't really 'pushed' it yet I was surprised at what I could do with one color and two brushes.
Good job Ken.



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It's a striking abstract Thomas!

Hi Thomas,
Oh, I see, you already bought it. I also :)
Cool program!


Right Surov. Let's see the White Nights shining through!
This has really added a new dimension to the suite of programs.
I must get serious with it now and produce something sensible.


This reminds me of an Australian bushfire Surov. Nice work with the brushes. Vivienne
This reminds me of an Australian bushfire Surov. Nice work with the brushes. Vivienne
I like your bright red abstract Thomas. Nice feathery touches on the outside. Vivienne

Very nice effects with the  brushes Thomas/Derek...  so bright! and glowing and crystally!  

We used to know you as Derek, do you prefer Thomas now?   (•ᴗ•)  Robyn

Hi Bobbity/Robyn,
You are sharp. That's correct. My name is Thomas but my family and friends know me as Derek, which is my middle name. This was to avoid confusion with my father who was also Thomas. The only people who call me Thomas are the government and the local services. I always prefered Derek as it doesn't rhyme with my surname, although I was once told that it was 'cool', like Thomas Aquinas for instance.
Anyway clever of you to spot this as I have been using TB on and off since 2008/9.
I'm a natural media artist actually but I find TB so inspiring and I can practice color and blending techniques plus all the other wonderful effects possible with the program. Don't you agree?
As Ken always used to say...'happy painting'


Derek it is then Derek.  You can always change your user name to reflect this if you want. You can also have a non name as I and others have if you want. I can't even remember what your last user name was in the old TB. Also if you post another art piece you can put it in a thread of your own you know.  Just saying...  :(  Robyn

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