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Luminance Studio : Watermelon

Another Luminance Studio pic.

The heat in Chicago must have affected me to have me paint a non-pear fruit. :)



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haha  your watermelon is absolutely oozing in moisture for a hot day Ken.  Rob  :)

Thanks Rob! :)

Hi Ken,

Really amazed at your versatility with fruit.   Only one criticism, however, Watermelon, in New Zealand anyway, have a lot more white pips - otherwise very tempting in Summer.   Not hot here - lots of frosty mornings and snow in the South Island and halfway up in Mountains.    Will have a wee look at your Luminance Studio  now.

Cheers and Smiles


Hi Isla,

I could use some of your frosty mornings right now, it's a bit too warm here. It could be that this isn't a realistic representation, i didn't reference any pics when I painted this. 

Thanks for your feedback!


That's funny, we have lots of brown ones in NZ. It may  depend on how ripe the watermelon is. The pale ones in these pics in the  link have white ones and the riper looking ones have brown pips.

:) Rob

At last! This is much more interesting that apples and pears. Looks so juicy.


Hi Rob,

I bow to your superior Google knowledge.   I should have consulted Google before opening my mouth shouldn't I?.   However my criticism was very much tongue in cheek as I am sure both you and Ken realized.     It was due to the shock of seeing something else other than pears.   But "hey" let us not forget Rembrandt's face - now that was amazing.\!!    Have fun and keep warm Rob.    And Ken you keep cool.   Have I got you both covered.

Big Smiles


LOL  Isla.  it's all cool...  in more ways than one.    :)  We will partake of Ken's oozing, brown seeded watermelon when the weather gets hot!   it's a very ripe looking one.  :)   We can even eat the seeds...  Rob.

Thanks for the feedback Thomas! It was fun to paint this. 


Yummy watermelon Ken. We have some with white seeds and some with black seeds. Both yummy for summer but not our freezing cold wet winters .love the new brushes. Vivienne

Hi Vivienne, thanks for your feedback on the picture and Luminance Studio! 

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