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 ive tied to paint a face....

young girl.jpg
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That is a very sweet face Marion. I love her pixie eyes and love her hairdo! The hairdo can look modern or old world, whichever one attracts. Very nice skin tones as well. I love seeing faces that others draw. :) Rob

Thanks Robyn, i guess you can see the pic normal size than? When i click on it i just see a VERY small pic which i dont understand as its 540x658 pixels, whats happening?
I like trying faces, but somehow they always end up as young girls,hahaha.


Good work Marion. Very engaging eyes. To see it full size in a browser click on the name next to the small picture "young girl.jpg"


Where it says  young girl.jpg   at the R side of the tiny thumbnail Marion.  Click on that and it will open large in another tab. Did you forget to slide it across?  You could try sliding it across in the next comment box.  Just click on  '+attach a file' and slide the pic across  from your folder into the comment box. 

My girls used to all be teenagers too lol  I can draw older ones now.  :) Rob

thanks robert for liking. It seems i clicked on the name with the other pics i posted and didnt do so now...and again i learned something!


PS   :) while I was typing Bob gave the solution...  :) Rob

Yes, funny how we can be connected at the same time at any distance nowadays.I think maybe its a secret wish to be a young girl again?? I would like to try a man, well drawing one that is...but for now i stick to the young girls and hope they dont look alike as they always seems to do to me.


There will usually be a similarity because of the style that belongs to you. I have been told that all of mine look the same,and what she meant was...  that they all have a certain similar look to them,  like they are all sisters.  I can't help it  :)

Yes, I agree, leave the men until;later. After practicing with girls you will find it easier to draw the men.

Love your beautiful innocent looking girl. She has such a delightful expression on her face. Great work. I have a problem with faces and am still working at them, so I always appreciate the artists who can do this, Vivienne
Thank yo Vivienne :) very kind 
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