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TB Paint Studio Layer Panel

Hello, I upgraded to version 2.00 of Paint Studio last week and one of the new features I was looking forward to was a 10 slot layer panel, but after the upgrade, I can't get more than a 7 slot availability (and that's including bottom background layer).

I've looked for some help file and played around with it to see if I can add more layers, but I couldn't find what I hoped to see, so I have come here to the forums.

Has this been reported by any other users? Is there a known solution?

Thank you,


Hi Dan,

To my knowledge no one else reported this issue. What screen resolution are you running?  Could you add a screen capture here so that I can evaluated what the problem might be?



As you can see from the screen capture, there are only 7 available slots for layers and the program is running a 2.00 version. Should I uninstall and reinstall? I've done this once before, however.


Reinstalling shouldn't make a different. What is your screen resolution?


I am using a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 tablet-PC model at a screen resolution of 2048x1152.

Aha. Okay, after you mentioned screen resolution, I played around with it and discovered that when I turn my tablet in a vertical position I can get all 10 layer slots, and then returning it to a horizontal position the layer slots will remain, however, if I close and reinitiate TB Paint Studio it will revert back to 6 or 7 layer slots.

So there is a means to get 10 slots, if I turn vertically, then back to horizontal.

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