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The Stallion


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Wow Bob, what a beauty he is! Very grand indeed. The hooves really stand out as a feature and his coat is like a velvety texture. He looks as though he might be a cousin of fiery dragons, and I think he has an agenda going by the fiery eyes and standing up on tippy toes like that. . Well done you! Rob :)

Thank you Rob. This started as a head sketch a year and a half ago and just sat there and I'd look at it from time to time but didn't feel moved until last month. It turned into a whole horse and I started to think I wanted something dark in tone. A lot of changes and a lot of time invested. Once again I have to praise TB for what it allows me to do. I just got Painter 2017. I have wanted it for a long time but was put off by the price. When they had a huge sale I had to do it, guilt and all. It is a very good app with features I really like. It does seem to be glitchy though and many functions TB just does better. I'll be using both but TB will be my mainstay.


Isn't it great when you start on an old picture and it becomes a great success Bob!  Lots use more than one paint program. I don't think you need to feel guilty.  :)  Unless Ken stipulated only TB paint on here  of course, and he hasn't.  Keep up the good work, you're doing great! 

I want to say that all my posts here have always just TB. That only seems right to me. I just started my own website for posting my stuff and I'll be posting some of my other stuff there. Rob, my guilt was about spending that much on an app that I might not use much. Just how I see the world I guess.


Ah, understood Bob, my bad...   I never use other art programs and feel the same as you about using them for this site. Would like to see your web if you ever feel like showing the link anywhere, or even the name without it being a link, or by email...  :) Rob.

That's a point I've wanted to say on here somewhere and I didn't make that clear, my bad...  My website is   I'ts barely a site so far. I have a long way to go for what I envision. A start I guess.


Well that is just so smart Bob! Brilliant colour choices,and very nicely  set out too.  I will keep my eye on it as time goes by.  If signatures were enabled here you could put the address there.    Rob.

What a magnificent beast Bob. He certainly has lots of character and here in Aust. He would certainly be the leader of the pack. Love those fiery eyes and don't mess with me attitude. Sorry for the delay in commenting but have been on a much needed holiday with very poor internet and phone hook up. Vivienne

Thank you Vivienne. I'm almost satisfied with it. Not often.


This is wonderful, Bob.  I sure want to keep an eye out for more of your art work and about your website.  Wishing your endeavors well!!!  Gale

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