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One of our resident Red Wattlebirds.  Image is camera raw image from a Canon 7D2.  Adjust levels, noise reduction, and a slight tweak to the white balance.

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Such a beautiful bird Sandra. I don't know if we get them over our side in the Nelson Bay area. We do have wattle birds but i can't remember the red. Anyway as always your photography is spectacular. Vivienne

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Great shot. None of those around here.


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That is a beautiful shot Sandra!  I love the "etched"  look to both the bird and the bark!  Yes, and with the slightly blurred look to the bark that beautiful bird is emhasised so much and you can't miss his impact. Love his little red flaps...  :) Robyn

Hi Sandra!  This little one is so cute and the title fits to a "T"!  Gale

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