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Oh that is a very lovely scene Marion! I love the tree hanging over the water like that.  I would love to be there for sure.  :) Rob

Thanks Robyn. Funny how much bluer it is on here. Before uploading it was not so blue, more muted color as well. Why is that??
About jpeg not opening in tb there is something else very funny. I opened that jpeg in PS and renamed it (did that before i tried this but it still didnt open in TB) and saved it again as jepeg and it does open in TB...hahaha, strange things happening! :)


I know about the strange goings on, it seems depends very much on how things on our computers interact with various settings etc on websites.  Also can depend on the browser used. Where the colours are concerned, colour settings everywhere come into that as well. All of my pictures used to look different on Pixarra, but in the end it depended on what angle I had my computer screen on as I was putting colours into the picture. If the laptop screen was angled back a bit, all  the colours appear to be darker than they actually are, so a mistake is made in choosing the various tones. Then when I posted them they were a lot lighter than they should have been, or the opposite as well at times.  :) Rob

This is so peaceful Marion. Love the mountains, water and that beautiful tree. Reminds me of when we were children and doing the FORBIDDEN, swinging on the tree over a river behind our house. Children have no fear and it was years later when I saw how wise Maa was when another young boy was doing the same thing and he drowned. LOve your painting. Vivienne
But my screen is always the same direction Robyn as i use a desktop, cant get used to a laptop.
And the colors are so different from the original painting.Oh well....thats life. But opening in tb happening after saving again as jpeg in PS is funny


. Jpeg is jpeg or what?:)
Thanks for looking an liking Vivienne. :)


that was only an example of what can happen on my laptop Marion. On my PC it's set in the one place as well, just as yours is, and the colours would still look different on the website. It's the colour settings in your own PC as opposed to the settings on the website i think.  

JPG and JPEG is the same file. it's a nice light/less dense file for pictures than some of the other files.  Therefore it doesn't take up as much space   :) Rob

I like the postcard feel and the soft balanced colors.


Thanks so much Robert :)


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