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Thanks Ken

Thanks for the archive section Ken...I just noticed it DUH!

I realize I have not supported this TB website as I should have, but I will do better.

Unfortunately my health which has been problematic for a long time, has suffered continuing setbacks....However....

Fortunately with a new Doctor, and a new approach there has been a significant improvement in the last couple of weeks.

I hope you will be glad to see me around more often, and posting more paintings.

Cheers Mate


Hi Ralph,

Guessed your health was not good when we had not heard from you for so long.   I also sent you a private email but did not receive a reply and was somewhat concerned.

Good to know that a new doctor has helped and improvements have been made.   Look forward to hearing more from you.   You have definitely been missed.    I have just picked this up as do not look in on the website quite as often as I used to for a number of reasons.    Will look out for you.

Cheers Isla

Hi Ralph,

You have been missed for sure. Glad to hear you have seen improvements in the last couple of weeks. I hope it continues. 

Looking forward to your work and as an added bonus that lets us know you are doing better. :)

Thanks for the note!


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