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freesias with crooked shadow

 Im exploring TB from the beginning as i forgot how everything works. Discovered so many things you can do , uuhhhh as long as you know where to find them hahaha...

I tried here to make a shadow but somehow its not looking right but im not sure where i went wrong.


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should the vase shadow move up and more to the right maybe?


A beautiful arrangement Marion. The shadows are just a little bit too high, almost as though you have a lamp shining upwards. Perhaps bring the shadows a bit closer to the flowers and also the vase. I really like this a lot. Vivienne
Thanks for your comment Vivienne:) I am goping to try move the shadows, i see myself thats wrong but couldnt figure out what..


is this a photo or a drawing Marion?   to my mind, the shadow would have to firstly lay flat on the table, and then have a bend in it to go up the wall. If the vase was right up against the wall it would be different again, more like what you have shown here.  I suggest, if this is a real vase, that you shine a light and study how the shadows work with the light shining from different angles,   you also have a bit of the shadow at the very bottom of the vase, which doesn't fit in with a shadow behind the vase.  i know experimenting with lights is maybe a bother though.  You could go online and see how existing work shows the shadows. 

This is the closest I can find to what i mean ... click on the picture to enlarge it.

See ho it's laying flat on the table and then the bend where the table meets the wall?

This shows how shadows do bend when they hit an upright  surface  Marion.

i used a clip for the vase and it was right up the wall. I know its crooked, the perspective isnt right either. But im still trying out features i never knew before. And im not a great artist, im better with felting little animals hahaha. Can i post pics in real acrylics here as well or is this just for paintings in TB?
Not that my real media paintings are any better though.
Thanks for the links you sent me Robyn, i will study them. Not enough time to do everything i want to do...:)


If this is a drawing, the vase is very clever on your part Marion. if it's a photo it's a lovely vase anyway. Very elegant with that nice subtle pattern. The flowers remind me of the Statice plant too, Do you know that plant? The flowers of both the freesia and the statice  seem to be on one side of the stem only. It's a lovely floral display. .

this one's a little different shadow .


It seems to me, and I don't know much about shadows,  that's obvious...   because your vase is quite far away from the wall, depending on the source of light etc, you may not even get a shadow on the wall, only on the table.  

I've been hunting on the net and it's impossible to find many with shadows at all, and the ones that do have one they have the shadow going sideways.  I did a little experiment and a cylinder shape would definitely have a bend. The rounded shape may not have a bend at the angle you have here.

Bring on the experts!  Rob :)

Ooops, I didn't see your last post there Marion.

I'm not sure whether Ken is open to traditional work being posted here as it used to be in the old gallery. You would have to ask Ken about that.  He may just want TB work, and maybe not.

:) Rob

Very nice.


Glad you like it.
thank you,


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