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fantasy roses

 as i cant seem to open robyns rose pic i tried some fantasy roses, well i hope they do look a bit like roses...


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They are beautiful Marion.They remind me of some I grew years ago. Can't remember their name though. They're very good as a fantasy rose and I love the swirly look to the centre, and the pretty colours. I also like the muted colour in the stems  and leaves. Well done you!  Rob   :)

So nice you regocnize roses Rob! I cant understand why your rosepic wont open in TB. Got it on my desktop but not opening. Got it i a folder.In the closed folder i can see its there, open the folder and its gone...another thing im doing wrong but my mind is all confused and tired now, i cant think. I clicked on your pic and saved. That is the way to do it or not, must its on my desktop...
Opening a png went ok, opening a jpeg not????
Well, i think i'll have a go again tomorrow.


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