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red fantasy flowers

 I hope you like them.


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I do like them Marion. The bright colours against the darker foliage and against the black BG really stand out, like sunshine appearing on a dark day.  :)  Rob

thanks so much Robyn:) i like flowers. But painting them is more difficult than i thought,i would like to paint something that looks like roses but till now i dont succeed at all. So i guess all my flowers will be fantasy like, hahaha.


Nice. The color combination on a black background works well.


thanks Robert:)


You could use a photo to copy Marion? You could try copying just one flower instead of a bunch? That way you concentrate on less, to help you manage it. I don't mean to copy it exactly, but to get a general layout of the petals etc. If you took a photo of a rose you could copy it exactly, or you can use this one if you like, its a simple rose, but it's my own so you can copy it exactly if you like. I will not be upset if you don't want to...  :D   :D  



PS, you could put the photo into your TB art, and do the outline thing in the filters or solutions, then concentrate on colouring it and getting the fluctuation of colours happening. That's only a small version, click on it to get the larger version, more detail there. 

i will try....nice rose tis is. Looks like a camelia flower but its a rose i can see that because of the jagged leaves.Thanks.


Have fun...  take your time...  it grew in my garden and yes similar to the loose petalled camelias.  :)


mmmm, i saved the pic to my desktop but when i click import image in tb nothing happens. Load to layer nothing happens. Load any image format...nothing.:(


i uploaded freesias , dragged the pic into message and i saw it....but now i dont????


I can't see the freesias either Marion. lol If the pic is far too big it won't load anyway, but you say you saw it for  a moment. You could try making it  smaller,,eg  800 on the longest edge, and  see if it loads. One I tried to load yesterday wouldn't load until I shrunk the size,and then it loaded. 

I downloaded the rose from here, then I went and tried bringing the rose into my TB and it won't load into a layer ether. It's in my folder but it's not showing when I browse for it.Very strange. 

I just tried another way. I used the "my snap" to copy the rose,and that version came into TB just fine.  I'm wondering if there is a protection in TB to prevent uploading pictures that have been downloaded from a website. Can't be that, surely. 

The freesias had a message and i saw it with the pic! In the tread... Funny things happening here.
Just downloaded a pic from internet and that opens ok in tb!!!
I had the same NOT opening happening before with jpeg and png that i wanted for clips. Some do open some dont. I just cant understand it.


Love your beautiful flowers and I agree that they are hard to paint but Robyn,s advice is excellent and well worth trying. I do like the colours you have chosen.. Vivienne
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