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My first Pixarra paint

Is it good, bad or awful? Any hints or tips?

(52.1 KB)
(69.5 KB)

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Excellent. Very edible!


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Hi Rita, and welcome! I think your fruit is beautiful,and the banana looks so real. The apple is a beauty too, (I love them both). Very beautiful shapes. 

Since you asked...  and only because,   the apple would be even better with the edges smoothed out a bit more with a softish blender. The whitish specks could be smoothed out a little too,to blend in with the rest of the skin.  Plus a little bit of a sharper highlight on one of the rounder parts near the top.The centre around the stick looks terrific with the darker colour and highlights. . Very well done, and I have never drawn digital fruit myself, so I admire people who can.  (◠‿◠)   Robyn.

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Welcome Rita. Your fruit is extremely well done and looks as though you can just pick it up and eat it. Like Robyn I find digital fruit difficult to paint. Great work. Vivienne

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Well done. You have a good eye. With that just keep painting and be honest with yourself. If you don't see what you want, redo it. That's the most powerful advantage of digital. Right after the fact there is no mess to clean up.


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Both are very good!  What about a pear next? :)


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Thank you all for the constructive feedback! I will practice the smoothing out, adding highlights plus the shadowing :)

I was just thinking Rita, maybe a very soft eraser on the outside of the apple to remove the little bumps instead of blending? Experimenting is everything of course, and it pays to make a copy of your apple before messing with it.  :) Rob

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