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trying to find my way around new community portal

 I seem to do everything wrong as i cant find the way to post in the gallery and cant find my posted message anywhere.. Robyn told me to do it this way so i am.

This is the first painting since a long time.


(70.1 KB)

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hehe, at last Marion, only you forgot to slide the picture across into the comment box.  When you do it the other way you just get a tiny thumbnail. If  you click on the link beside the thumbnail it will open up your large picture.  

Why don't you click on the comment box below my comment,  click on "attach a file" and attach your pic again,  only slide it across this time.  

At least you have your own thread now, and it is in the share art list, where it  should be. :)

 i did that the first time i attached the pic in your thread remember? It worked than but didnt appear in gallery. At least i have my thread in there now but although i attached the pic by dragging it in its still not visible,hahahaha, so hard to get this new stuff working, i didnt have this much problems in the past...


I don't know what's going on at your end of things Marion, but I can see your pansies loud and clear now. So sliding over is the best way to go.

I love the drooping leaves and the other clusters of leaves behind your pansies,and my favourite pansy out of the two is the orange and purple one,  because of the colours...  :)  One of the sweetest little flowers on the earth.

BTW, that was Val's thread,not mine. 

BTW again, when you post another new picture you start a new thread, so you end up with many threads in the share art list.  If any of your questions remain unanswered, you  can ask them again in your thread, or start a topic in the general forum.:)

Thanks for your kind comment Robyn.
But why is it still not showing in recent images??? I have a ticket 28th april about this but no reply yet.
I think Ken may be very busy nowadays as in the past replies came very quickly. or should i have posted it in the general forum maybe?


No you always post in the art forum marion. That's what it's there for.

It is in recent images...

I think you're looking on the wrong page. You have to click on the full list to see it there.


MARION 1.jpg
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Cloick on the link by the thumbnail and the pic will open in a new tab/window. I couldn't get that pic to slide across!!

Very good picture. I do believe the new forum has discouraged many. I brought that up when the site was changed. So far nothing has improved.


Morning Rboyn,
Yes i had this figured out but i thought it would appear in Recent uploads where you can see the pics as iit was in the past. There was an overview of all new uploaded pics.So you now have to go to and open a message t see the pic?
I liked the way it was a lot better. Easier to find everthing as well. Ive spent hours on trying to find how things work now...but maybe its just me being a bit stupid,hahaha.
Thanks again :)


Thanks for looking BD! And yes, i am discouraged as i find this a lot more difficult than it was in the past.


 Hi Marion.

That only section with the pics all showing together  is now named "showcase" I think. They are all old pics from the old website, and as far as I know they won't be added on to. So we don't have that type for recent downloads now. 

So yes, in that link, in the list is where you click on to open up the picture. new pictures will appear in that list.

if you see a partial list anywhere, just click on "see all 55 topics" at the bottom of the partial list to see all of them. (I coloured it red). This will take you to the same place as the link I gave you. :) Rob.

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trying to find my way around new community portal

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See all 55 topics  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This last list is on the R hand side of any picture you have opened, so it's a simple matter to click on the red bit to go back to the art share list.  :)
Ive seen all that when i was trying to figure out stuff but now i know i was looking for something that doesnt exist anymore, what a pity. Oh well. cant be helpt but i think its a pity....
Thanks for all the time you spent on me trying to explain. I hope i can leave you in peace for now,hahaha.


LOL...  you are very welcome Marion, but never feel reluctant to ask me anything at all. I'm happy to help.

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