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Lazy Mouse

 In recent days I see quite often functions and small utilities which are made to stedy your penstroke. Its basicly that you draw with delay and the software takes the stoke arcived in that time and averages it. Result is an straight approximation of the stroke which erases shaking and erratic behaviour while you draw. It evens it out so to say. Good examples are Lazy Nezgumi or the lazy mouse function in zBrush. I dont know if you can already can mimic that function with the current brush engine. Anyway, I think that would be a function I would like to see in TBPro.



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Hi Heiner,

Thank you for the note. I took a look at Lazy Nezumi Pro (trial).  First I will say that Lazy Nezumi Pro works with TwistedBrush Pro Studio. I suspect it will also work with all the other Studio programs as well. 

TwistedBrust does indeed have a mouse smoothing capability. Some brushes do it effect by effect and others make use of a somewhat newer brush effect called "Smooth Stroke"  I decided to do a quick comparison.

I have three tests and on each test three styles of drawing:

  • Normal at the top
  • Very fast in the middle
  • Slow text at the bottom.

I didn't use the tablet. These tests are all with the mouse only. 

Here is the test with both Lazy Nezumi and TwistedBrush Smooth Stroke OFF.


As you can expect with unaltered mouse drawing.

Here is the results with Lazy Nezumi On. There are a LOT of setting in this program so I may not have the best option.


The good news is that it definitely makes a difference. At very fast usage (middle) it was uncontrolled. In general it made the strokes less responsive.

Finally here is TwistedBrush Pro Studio "Smooth Stroke" on.


Okay I can only be bias, but, this was the best. Responsive and still controlled at fast speed. I would say perhaps at very slow speed it was harder to predict since there is no guide such as what Lazy Nezumi gives.

Lazy Nuzumi Pro works with TwistedBrush. It can make a nice improvement. The native stroke smoothing in TwistedBrush is more effective and responsive BUT it's not global and is something that needs to be set per brush. Lazy Nuzumi has the advantage that it's global.

TwistedBrush has so many hidden gems. I will give consideration to making stroking smoothing a global option in TwistedBrush!


Hi Ken,
thanks for the answer. I bought LN in the meantime and its a real coll little tool. Maybe you can draw some inspiration from it. In general I try to put suggestions for TB in this forum, so you have a feedback about what features I think TB should have. I have replaced Photoshop here at work for the most part and where I think TB can be made better, so other people do that as well, i put that in a post.
Take care


Hi Heiner, 

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Yes this is the best place to post feature requests. Other users can up vote them and the can also be tracked in general.


After consideration I have decided not to expose the Stroke Smoothing as a global setting. There are too many cases where it's better to not smooth a stroke and instead have precision. TwistedBrush will continue to enable Stroke Smoothing on a per brush basis as shown in the examples in this message topic.



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