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Import brush code

I've done this several times before but a brush code I've just downloaded is not appearing to load.
Checking on the help system to ensure I was doing things correctly I was 'horrified' to see that     ' the existing brush at this shortcut location will be overwritten'   What exactly does this mean. I'm very apprehensive about importing a new brush code if it overwrites the brush indicated?
Anyway nothing happened anyway so that's that.
Any ideas?


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I did succeed in importing the code but the user guide doesn't warn you about the 'hidden perils' of doing so.
For instance at my first attempt, as per guide, I was presented with a strange mixture of an existing brush and my new brush. After extensive communication with the brush designer I did manage after tweaking, get it to work. This used to work flawlessly in the past but for some reason it didn't this time even freezing TB at one point.
Anyway all's well that ends well but maybe an 'in depth' tutorial on brush coding and tweaking might be worth the effort.


Are you sure there isn't a bug here. I've just tried to import another code using standard import procedure and although it shows as being imported, when I try to place it in an empty slot in a new artset it pastes another brush or duplicates an existing brush.
I'm using the latest version in Win 7 Pro.
Any ideas?


Code is not being transferred from clipboard to program. It only copies existing codes. Is there a way to de-select brushes while I do this operation?


Mystery here.
What on earth is a brush set doing in c: \Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramFiles (x86)\Pixarra\TwistedBrush\Artsets when it does not appear at all in the Artset directory?
When I save an ArtSet where does it actually go?


Hi Thomas,

I have more than 10 years do not know these problems!
Want the same? - Change the default path.
You have to install TwistedBrush to
Or do as I have (Another drive for data):

PS. Now use the file search function ...
Explorer > Search



Many, many thanks Surov
I think you have solved the mystery of the strange program behaviour for me. It's much clearer now.
I still don't know why the brush codes aren't importing but maybe Ken can help there.
You see I primarily work on Linux. I use Windows 7 only because of TB and other important programs.
Thanks again, you've been a great help.


Suppose if I re-install I will lose all my settings.
The brush code import is definitely not working.
Simply stated, the imported code does not overwrite the selected brush and the only way I can load a new brush is to load any brush and edit it in the appropriate panel. If I can figure out what the settings are.


See the above link from the help...

The cause of Your problems - User Account Control.
I turned it off.

You can install a second copy of TB Pro on a different path:
- It is perfectly safe!
Try to run TB as administrator.

TB settings are stored in files:



You're the man Surov!


Must come to Russia some time. Some friends just came back from St Petersburg and they said it was fantastic.


Saint Petersburg is especially beautiful during the White nights, 15-30 June.
Welcome :)


I have a set of watercolours, from Russsia  called White Nights.
Bit off subject but much more interesting than brush codes


Yes, I agree.


One last comment to lay this topic to rest.
Can we have more interaction from the program interface.
What I refer to is having to 'take it by faith' that the code has imported. One of the reasons for my problems was and I can take some of the blame for this, is that when the brush code dialog says that it has imported the code, there is no actual indication in the brush selection menu ( on the left) that anything has happened.
The brush should actually reflect that an overwritten brush is actually present with perhaps a save request or something or even a change of color.
That's it
Many thanks for all the help I have received


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