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I love this Isla.  Beautiful ladies, artwork, flowers and this lovely blue flower lamps. I love the way you have your ladies sitting in relaxed positions on beautiful comfortable soft seats.  They all appear to be waiting for something, maybe cheese and wine, or even afternoon tea.

Love it all


Simply gorgeous Isla!  So beautiful. I love everything about it including the graduated sizes of the floor stripes which makes the floor look at R angles to the wall. This is one art gallery that I would like to be at!  Elegance galore here and the characters you choose are so cute and funny.     (◠‿◠)♥♫♪  Rob

Hello There Vivienne and Rob,

So pleased you liked my Posting.   I really enjoyed doing this one.   When I first found these ladies I just had to find a suitable setting for them and an Art Gallery seemed the appropriate place - yep probably waiting for the Wine and trimmings to arrive.

Cheers Isla 

This is great Isla. Your environments always pull me in.


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