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A stunner Isla!  I love this. The stage setting is just awesome and then the Queens and the little girl look so elegant and from another world. Your art  just goes on advancing and advancing..   :) Rob

Hi Rob,

Thanks I'm glad you liked it.  Trust you are coping with all this stormy rainy weather and your part of Auckland is not flooding.   Just the day to stay inside by the computer where you must have been to send me a comment so soon after I posted.   Stay dry - it's not cold though.

Cheers Isla 

Yeah I like it. You show a unique type of fantasy like other dimensions just merging enough to interact like tendrils and mists intertwining. I like those cats.


Hey, your weather is just like mine.

This is stunning Isla. I love your queens with the little girl looking on in wonder. I especially love those beautiful cats keeping guard. I think this is one of your best . Great work. We have also had really wet weather for a couple of weeks now but not the floods further north which have been devastating. It is just starting to get chilly in the mornings and evenings. Vivienne

Hi There Bob and Vivienne,

Many thanks for your comments - they are always appreciated.   Now an up date on the weather - I am back to another day in Paradise (Tauranga/Mount Maunganui) - fine and sunny.   I do hope weather in both your countries is a whole heap better now.   There has unfortunately been some very bad flooding not too far from here Edgecumbe which they say is classed as the "one in a 500 year flood" - from the tail end of the weather you had in Queensland and parts of New South Wales Vivienne.   More slips on roads round Kaikoura where they had the bad earthquakes which doesn't seem fair.    Hope all clear everywhere soon.

Cheers Isla  

Thanks Isla for the update on the weather.  We are still having lots of rain but also enough sunshine to get the washing dry with the help of a bit of wind.


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