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lol  Hello!  Nice one Bob!  This had a good impact on me and I love the positioning of him in the frame and the BG colours with the lemon framing him, plus I love him!  He looks friendly but that could be someone's window that he's planning to climb through. Really neat work,  smoooooth...  :)  Rob

PS. Had to smile though as Adele has just been down here and the ones who went to see her are full of "hellos", on line and off. So when your hello arrived...  :) :) :)

Ditto to Robyn's comment re Adele. She was here in Aust a couple of weeks ago. Back to you lovely handsome guy. I think he might be trying to get out of his frame to explore the outside world. Whatever, I think this is really great work. Vivienne

Rob, Vivienne, thanks. I know some of Adele's music and I like some of it. I really wasn't thinking of her on this one. I guess hello is a universal greeting. I wonder if the viewer or the subject said it?


Yes, I realise you weren't Bob, just that her song "Hello" was doing a walkabout on everyone's lips at the time you posted your picture. . 

Now you have me thinking... viewer or subject??? It could be either of course as he looks smart enough to give a cheeky hello as he appears throug the frame, and it certainly made me as a viewer say hello.

Now, you as a viewer of your own creation may have had a pleasant surprise as he popped out of your imagination, with an ensuing Hello from you! . :) Rob

Please excuse any missing h's as that key is missing on my laptop and it's a hit and miss affair. :)

I guess it's him(it). I thought about opening his mouth to suggest speech. I thought I was happy with the mouth the way it was so I left it. I ended up thinking hello conceptualized the encounter so......


I think you were quite right to be happy as it is Bob. After all,people will think their own interpretations no matter how you put it together. The reason I said hello in the 1st place was because I thought he was saying hello to me the viewer, just as you intended, so you did good here. The mouth is perfect as it gives him an expression that is so  fitting, and delightful to me.

:) Rob

Hi Bob,

Just spotted this one so "Hello!"   Actually I think he's looking in (at just the right angle) to see if there's anyone home and thinking about whether he should say "Hello"  with a smile that isn't quite there yet.

Love it.    And "Goodbye"  "Farewell till next time"

Cheers Isla

Hi Rob,

Or what I mean is "Hullo!"   I think your green eyes man is having a look in to see who is there and thinking about whether he should say "Hello" and also deciding, by the look of his mouth whether he should smile as well.   Love the way you've done it all.   So - "Goodbye", farewell till next time.

Cheers Isla

PS  This is the second time I've written this - I forgot to click on Post on last one - "Hello"

Rob, and Isla, thank you for your conversations. I'm glad when a picture starts, more than tells, a story. I chase pixels around with my mouse and then you all create interesting stories. I guess if I had more action and interaction in my work it would tell stories better. I always hope to trigger the viewer's stories.


By the way, this one I like. I look at it and feel OK. I don't want to change anything. Rare.

Fun to view. Not so fun if he were peering in my kitchen window. Ha ha.

Happy painting,


Thanks Rita.


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