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Buttons shoud have a active state

 When you select a tool from the top icon bar, you dont have the active Icon in a "active" state. I would like to suggest such an active state for every currently selected tool (icon). Nothing fancy, a "pushed in button" state would do.



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I think this would have saved me some embarrassment recently as I couldn't tell that I needed to change tools whilst adjusting layers on a painting. I was so engrossed that I forgot some of the basic menu controls and even posted on what is a beginner level subject.  


One last comment to lay this topic to rest.
Can we have more interaction from the program interface.
What I refer to is having to 'take it by faith' that the code has imported. One of the reasons for my problems was and I can take some of the blame for this, is that when the brush code dialog says that it has imported the code, there is no actual indication in the brush selection menu ( on the left) that anything has happened.
The brush should actually reflect that an overwritten brush is actually present with perhaps a save request or something or even a change of color.
That's it
Many thanks for all the help I have received


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Having read through some of my posts I would like to change my opinions on certain features.
I still vote for the active state option on some buttons but I still question the visibility of certain functions.
I rather stupidly complained that I got confused when using some of the tools in the toolbar and not knowing what tool I had active. Maybe it's my failing eyesight or senior years that are to blame but on hindsight and actually re-visiting the basic tutorials I see that this is in fact very well covered by the interface.
1. The tool icon changes to suit the selected tool.
2. The tool is named in a separate box below the toolbar.
The problem on investigation was not the program or the programmer, bless his cotton socks, but the visibility of these items.
Ken, would you please consider using the same color scheme in TB as in the other excellent 'studio' products, ie, a darker IU theme with brighter icons that stand out.
That's it.
Problem solved!

Hi Thomas thanks for the feedback. The UI color themes is noted here in the feature requests now! :)


Many thanks Ken. I must admit I prefer the 'flat theme' in Windows 10.


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