TwistedBrush Pro Studio 23.05 Released

TwistedBrush Pro Studio 23.05 is now available and can be downloaded from the Pixarra website at : 



Here is what's new in 23.05


Improved - Drawing tablet quality improvement to never automatically revert a stroke to compatibility mode!! Compatibility mode results in curved lines being much less smooth.  

Changed - Drawing tablets are always treated as absolutely positioned even if set to relative in the tablet control panel.




Ken Carlino


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This update will be an important improvement for some users.  See the screenshot below from version 23.04. When working very fast or on slow computers the programming logic was such that at the start of every stroke in order to support relative positioning modes on drawing tablets a determination needed to be made if tablet absolute positioning would be used or what we call Compatibility Mode would be used. Compatibility Mode means the drawing position is taken from Windows rather than the drawing tablet driver resulting in much fewer positioning points.  The two strokes shown below are the result of TwistedBrush automatically reverting to Compatibility Mode. Do note that I have turned off stroke smoothing in the brush effects to make the issue more easily visible. TwistedBrush has functioned this way for a very long time/ Version 23.05 changes this so that Compatibility Mode is never automatically selected for a stroke and TwistedBrush will treat the tablet always in absolute positioning mode.



 Hi Ken

In connection with the request for Paint Studio, I experimented with Pro Studio ...
A malfunction was found:
Stopped working
[+] Tools (Select) for Quick Command

I managed to restore working capacity only by copying the configuration file quickcommand.cfg from backup.


Yes I see that it is not working. It will be fixed when Paint Studio is released.



Wow! ¶

Well done Ken. This update definitely helps improve my tablet pen scribbles on my rather glitchy old pc.


Hi Ken, I'm going to get a new laptop soon, is TB ok with windows 10?

Hi Jack, 

TwistedBrush runs fine on Windows 10. Do review the knowledge base compatibility section for Windows 10.


Thanks Ken, I'm a bit rusty.

 The tools Drawings Guide and Text do not work on my version 23.05.

under Windows 7 64 bit ...


"The tools Drawings Guide and Text do not work on my version 23.05.

under Windows 7 64 bit ..."

Sorry, I just find how to use them.


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