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Fantasy Flowers


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They really are fantasy flowers Viv and I like the bright colours and the great shapes you made.  I recognise  the brush type which I used to make a hat once, and which we discussed sometime back. I like the versatility of many brushes, enabling whole scenes to be done with one brush, but adjusting the OD and size. Would make a good challenge...:)  Rob

PS The field turned out really well too!

Thanks Robyn, this was completely a fun thing playing with some of the fins. I do remember us discussing these brushes. Appreciate your comments. Vivienne

I like this. Very fresh and I like the design elements.


Thanks Bob, this was just a fun thing. Appreciate your comment. Vivienne

Beautiful colors Vivienne!!

Thanks Omar, I appreciate your comment. Vivienne
One brush!


Thanks Thomas, appreciate your comment. I actually played with about three fin brushes. Vivienne
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