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Maybe I should have saved this for Halloween.

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LOL  No Bob, you can make another for Halloween.  He's really a light in people's frights and I like this carved look as a change from the real pumpkin look. I can't see him being browned off in a hurry.  :)   Love the expression, wicked smile, and I love the bg in that wonderful brown.  :) Rob

I had to laugh at this Bob. A super fantastic carving, very happy, cheerful, funny . I love the expression and the background. Vivienne

Thank you Rob and Vivienne. I had fun and it came together very quickly so I still liked it when I was done.


great fun picture bob....... I like it


Thanks Dave.


Hi Bob,

Yep - real fun  carving look.   Great colours and expression.

Cheers Isla

Thank you Isla.


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