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He's a very nicely molded duck Bob. Did you use the blobs? lots of nice shaping going on there.   For some reason I can't help thinking of the Simpsons. :)  Love the bulging blue eyes. You did well in making the webs look like webs with the use of lighting and shading. :) Rob

Excellent work on your good looking duck Bob. What did you use to get that translucent outline. I also like his blue eyes and webbed feet. Vivienne

Thanks Rob and Vivienne. I did this with 3 or 4 brushes. Most of the brushes I use by now are my own creations or adaptations. The body was all a shader that is more or less an airbrush with high opacity for the base colors and really low on the highlights and shadows on another layer. The outline is done with a line brush that I was making when this began with a brush test. The name is 'BD Rough Line 1". I'll post the brush in brush sharing so you can try it if you want. Rob, I used the blob brushes a few times but they don't mix well with how I paint.


i understand how the blobs would not Bob.  :) Rob

looks like a sad ducky to me bob or is it just shy?....I like it

good of you to share the code with the community

cheers dave

Definitely Duck Simpson!


Thanks everyone.


Awesome Bob love your duck too cute great to see twistedbrush up and running again Mary/country kitty

Thanks Mary. Very good to see you here.


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