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Do You Think She Will Like My Present


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Great. Very magical.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for looking and commenting - as I said it was fun to do and create the mood for it all.   Great you liked it.

Cheers Isla 

Oh so wonderful Isla!  I love this! The trees look so delicate and with the city buildings just beyond, it creates a great city scene with parks and beauty intermingled (even though it looks like it may be a bit of a grey day). I don't blame the guy for being afraid, she does look a bit fearsome in her stance as she surveys what's ahead.  :) *♫♪♥ Rob

Another delightful work Isla. The giver of the present looks very dubious considering the haughtiness of the intended recipient. I love the watery walkway and the person on the ground waiting to see what is going to happen. Beautiful soft colours. Vivienne

Hi There Rob and Vivienne,

This one was great fun to do - trying to get the two backgrounds to show the city behind which you picked Rob - so I must have been successful.   Pleased you both liked them.

Cheers Isla 

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