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Not sure I've managed to post a picture.   Have attached.

(261 KB)

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Have not done the right thing to get the size of picture which should be 800 x 400 ???????

(261 KB)

Hi isla nice colourful design I like it the best way to post pictures is to just drag and drop it into the comment window from your saved file to preserve the layers in TB or copy paste from TB like this if you have a flattened image in Tb


Cheers Dave

This is so quaint and beautiful Isla. Love your gorgeous long legged owl and praying mantis looks as though he is begging the owl not to eat him. Beautiful lady in the middle could be holding court. I love the bright cheerful colours too. Vivienne

Hi Dave and Vivienne,

Thanks Dave for the advice - I did do the drag and drop thing from saved to file and remembered to press "SAVE" as well but thought initially it had come in that very small size - until I clicked twice on the image and it came up to full size.   I haven't tried copy and paste yet - maybe next time.  

Pleased you both liked it.   Haven't had a lot of time lately to either do any imaging or posting it.

Cheers Isla 

Wow! So dimensional. It's engaging and inviting to the eye and the mind.


Hi Bob,

Thanks - pleased you like it   Have been tied up with a lot of other things lately thought I might have forgotten  how.   Liked your "Guardian" spotted the spelling - we all do it from time to time.  

Cheers Isla

I love this Isla and the characters are zany and gorgeous.  The blue and orange colours are perfect together.  The beautiful praying mantis looks as though he's paying special attention to the lady, and both he and the other gorgeous stilt legged character look as though they will be very good at rock face climbing after their stint here. Well  done you!    (◠‿◠)♥   Rob.

Hi Rob,

Pleased you liked this bright creation of mine.   I loved the characters so felt I had to do something with them.   Thanks for lovely comments.   Good to hear from you.

Cheers Isla 

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