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Forest stream

Been working on this on and off for a couple of days ...

Yes everybody paints the sea down here, maybe that's why I haven't attempted it, truth is I'm not very good with sea only streams and still water.
I know the Torbay area. My daughter lives in Kingsbridge and we are round and about quite often.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks Thomas

No it's completely made up if that is possible with our brains ability to remember it's a composite of all the woods I've ever walked in or seen pictures of. I try not to directly use reference images as I paint cos I am tempted to copy elements without success. I live in the torbay area about 300mts from the sea with lovely ancient woods and streams within walking distance behind me....strange thing is I don't paint the coast and sea perhaps my next one will be a rocky cove

cheers dave

Thanks Vivienne glad you like it ..the middle one doesn't really count as a picture it's just the early stages with most of the layers showing before all the finishing magic  touches are added thats why it looks so flat.

As a matter of interest I notice a lack of post painting tweeking in a lot of pictures posted perhaps some think nothing can be done to a picture to lift it after they have finished.Even a flattened image can be transformed but it is easier if you have at least the fore.. middle.. and background on different layers

thanks again ..dave

Spot on. I like that glint of sunlight at the top.
Is this somewhere local to you? Down here in Cornwall at Lamorna, there is a place that looks so much like this. Plenty of granite also. Derek


I also like this one best of all. A lot more depth with light in the far off trees. Vivienne

... and there's my favourite out of the three Dave.  :) The amount of lit area beyond the trees is just right. Beautiful...  :) :) Rob

THanks Rob yes they are stones with quartz on them lots here in the south west but I agree they are too bright really . i just wanted something to pop a little there but over did it a tad.

this is a more complete other version so to speak


In reply to your answer to me up further Dave, I understand your stance on the matter of styles being mixed, and some are glaringly wrong and are hard on the eyes. Your training makes you more in focus about it for sure. ..  I saw some men drinking water out of a rock face on TV some time back, and I envied them so much!  lol, but I didn't envy the danger... We had babbling brooks in the pine forest, lots of little stones covering the bed. It amazes me that stones of all sizes actually purify the water even if there's a carcass upstream. (providing the distance away is enough).  :) 

Derek, I really like the sound of the pure water in your life too!  :)

I see the differences Dave and I rather like the full blown version very much. It has the extra plants in the foreground and the fuller amount of trees at the back, and I know that doesn't allow much light to glimmer through, but I still like it. I like the angle of the stream at the back in that version too. I'm just wondering about the brightness of the lighter bits on the stones by the bridge and on the pathway leading up to it. They look very white/bright amongst all the softer colours. Is that a type of slate stone that s naturally bright? :) Rob

Thought some of you might be interested in a screen capture I made before the final layout was decided. As can be seen I discarded quite a bit for the final design .....

shows the shape brush controls and the main clip bank I used to draw with.. lots of layers as well most of which were discarded.

You might wonder why the page view is showing .I always use this as a reference for levels and layout because if it looks ok in the thumbnail then you are usually on the right lines with the drawing

anyway here it is...Dave


Thanks Vivienne and Thomas or is it Derek glad you both got something from it

Cheers Dave

Yes I like this very much. It's so evocative of childhood memories.
I love the way the background seems to pour down into the foreground. It makes me want to explore.
Best water I ever tasted was from the Silent Valley in the Mourne mountains in N. Ireland, also my grandmothers house received water from a limestone source that almost fizzed in the mouth.
Oh memories!
Hope to see more of this.


I like this a lot Dave. Great styles incorporated to make a great picture. Love that stream with the stepping stones in the middle. Nice work on the trees in the front and the misty look in the distance. Vivienne

Thanks Bob for your support


Thanks Rob .well I sort of do and  don't agree

.I agree that if one's only motive in looking is to find possible faults then why bother...get a life

But for me a picture needs to read right it stems back from when I was in the printing industry selecting fine art prints and overseeng their production.

so a mix of styles  stops a picture pulling together correctly for me

This is a picture roughly of two halves mainly because I was trying out different brushes and methods of drawing foliage etc also ways of painting rocks grass mud and so on and on and on.............

But I'm glad you like the picture .Yes it is all painted and all my own invention.The only stream water I have drunk is in north wales near Snowdon we were camping and climbing but we had to go upstream a half mile to ensure there were no dead sheep in it first

The nicest water I ever tasted was on a rock climb called Idwal Slabs it was coming out of the rockface half way up cold pure and clear wonderful

thanks agin take care Dave

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