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Wow, he looks so austere Bob and I know he has to be to do his job properly. Lovely work all round and I like all the shading on the clothes, nice shoe shape too. On TV I've seen how much pride and effort is put into keeping themselves looking sharp. I've also seen them trying not to smile when amusing things are going on around them. What a job they have and it must be hard to do at times. :) Rob

I think I have the wrong impression here Bob as I've just noticed the spelling of your title,and looked it up. A different meaning...  I'm sure you'll put me rignt. :)

An excellent work of your guardian Bob. I love his uniform and bty he look on his face, I don't think anyone would dare argue with him or even try and get past him. Love it. Vivienne

Thanks Rob and Vivienne. Rob, the truth is I misspelled guardian. I even noticed it somewhere along the way and forgot to fix it. In this case, two wrongs don't make a right. I can't find a way to edit either.


Interesting chap bob I like him ...are you happy with the sword? For me it starts in perspective to the bottom of the ropes but ends up flat/square on

Hope you don't mind me saying it as I see it

cheers dave

Good perception Dave. Always a battle between patience and obsession. I couldn't find the right look on the sword. I left it almost to the end and finally settled. I think you are seeing what I intended to be the guard. The only part of the sword that I was happy with is the knob on the hilt.


just in case you are interested Bob I fully understand if your not I suspect you are like me once a picture is done I loose all interest in it

I think the sword is fine to the edge of the rope but then you have a highlight  running down the whole top edge.The angle he is holding it would flatten the bulbous end and gold capping .At the moment the gold detail is semetrical but the bottom cutout should  be narrower.

Also from around the edge of his tunic you would start to see the top edge of the sheath and this is where a highlight could be added to give the width needed, this highlight would continue on the gold detail.

Take care and keep painting Dave

Good points. Thanks Dave. Usually I lose interest before they are done. That leads to settling for one or two details being to some degree hashed. I nearly never go back. I am thinking about seeing your suggestions on the sword.


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