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Handdrawn circles/curves/elipses contain straight lines.

The image below shows the problem. The shape on the left was painted freehand, fairly rapidly and smoothly. Notice the series of straight lines which make up the shape.
The painting on the right - same oil brush tool, same settings, same technique but the result is smooth curves.

I've discovered that if I put the stylus onto the tablet and wait a few moments before I begin painting the problem doesnt occur. So I have a workaround but not ideal.

The problem is reproduced with every tool I have tried - old ones, new ones. Doesn't seem to be related to any system settings or tool settings.
The problem does not occur in other software. Tried hard to repro in Corel Painter and Artrage - didn't happen.
I'm using an old Wacom Graphire tablet - drivers are up to date.



We're talking version 23.04. Can't say for certain whether it was a problem previously. I think I would have noticed.


Hi Steve, it seems you might have an alignment issue perhaps. If the positioning of the tablet coordinates is not aligned with what Windows reports for position then the tablet position information is not used other wise it won't align with the cursor. Have you tried to reboot? Sometimes the Wacom drivers get a bit unstable. 


Hi Ken. On further investigation it doesnt seem restricted to the tablet. I tried making curves with the mouse with the same result. Again, the curvey drawing doesnt have the same problem in Artrage. The mouse is a standard Logitech usb mouse - up to date drivers (it's not a Wacom mouse running on the tablet). I've done restarts, reboots and driver updates but problem persists. I've included another couple of images to show what happens with the mouse. Both drawings made using as similar a technique as I could manage.
Be interested to know if this repros on anyone else's system. It's quick and easy to test.
Good luck

TwistedBrush mouse scribble


ArtRage mouse scribble



A lot of programs especially ArtRage use smoothing Algorithms to make even the worst mouse input look quite nice.

Really what you should do is open up the classic MSpaint and draw some stuff and see what it looks there since that's going to give you a much better idea of if it's a driver issue or something off about Twisted Brush. Over the years I've found that usually if lines start looking like yours it's normally driver issues, or something running in the background lagging input processing.


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