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Old gum tree


I saw a photo of an old gum tree and tried it out using oils in the main.  Thanks for looking.


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Hi Vivienne.  This is a lovely relaxing scene and I love it. Was the pool and everything else present  in the photo as well? I'm guessing that's from your imagination?  (it looks like you...  :)  ) Anyway, have been on the phone for an hour and looking at your picture the whole time, and the part that has captivated me in my gaze  is the big stone in the water with it's rippled reflection/shadow and with the tree reflection encasing it as well.   I love the stony bits in the sand and the big rocks to the R side too.  Very nice gum tree work, amazing trees. Lovely.    

Rob  °*'´♥♥`'*°☆.


Thanks Robyn for your lovely encouraging comment.  The tree was from a photo but the rest was my imagination and reminders of scenes I have seen on my travels.  Glad you like this.


Nice combination of textures.


Thanks Bob for looking and being encouraging. Vivienne

Very nice Vivienne!!!


Thanks Omar, I appreciate your comment. Vivienne

oops missed this one Vivienne it's harder to keep up with things on the site

I like what you have done and the textures plus the reflection of the rock has nice fluidity

As a tip in friendship you must always decide from which direction your light source is coming and also what reflections would be seen and how they are presented from the viewers eye level

take care Dave

Thanks Dave for your valuable comments. All taken aboard and tucked away in my little brain cells. I truly appreciate your input. All helpful. Thanks again. Vivienne
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