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After a long long time

After a long long time I'm going to upload a painting, with some difficulties ... but here it is.

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well, I do not know how to upload the image

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Hola omar Ha sido un tiempo tan largo y estoy feliz de ver su arte de nuevo. Me encanta el estilo de los edificios que dibujas, y todas las sombras y fluctuaciones de color. Parece un momento de tranquilidad aquí en su escena y el hombre allí de pie tan tranquilamente ayuda a eso. Robyn

Hola Omar!  It has been such a long time and I'm happy to see your art again. I love the style of buildings that you draw, and  all the shadows and fluctuations of colour. It looks like a quiet time here in your scene and the man standing there so quietly helps that.  :) Robyn

PS how did that translation work??  I know you probably don't need it now... ✿(◠‿◠)

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Thank you Robyn, your translation is perfect, no problem!

Thank you for the comment, it makes me very happy!!!. However I must admit that I have forgotten several things about tb, maybe slowly begin to remember.

Thank you again!!!

You must always ask Omar,  In the forum or under your pictures.  People are happy to help.  :)  Robyn

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This is a stunningly beautiful painting Omar. I love your colours and style and I can almost picture myself visiting this place. Great work. Vivienne

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Very nice.

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I like the warmth of the village against the coolness of the sky. You really effectively defined the location. I am a TB addict and spend a lot of time with it. If I can ever assist, I offer that.


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Thank you Vivienne, happy to see you and upload a new image to Pixarra.I feel your comment is better than my painting!!

Thank you Valerie, glad you like !!!

Thank you Dave, your comments is very special.


I am not entirely in agreement with the painting, I have forgotten how to make shadows of trees and plants !!! I had a method but I have forgotten

I was happy with the shadows of my old paintings ... however I am not with this painting. If you want you could give me some advice about it (remember that I do not read English very well)

I think that the method you used here works really well. The sharp edge on the shadows helps to show that the sunlight is very direct. The shadow on the buildings is softer and should have a harder edge to more closely match the tree shadows. If you want the sunlight effect less intense, you could leave the building shadows as they are and soften the tree shadows in the left foreground with a blender brush.


Thank you Dave, I will consider your advice!!

Hi Omar,

Nice to see you visit and share your art. Your style is unmistakable!


Thanks Ken, I'm happy to be able to paint again!!!

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