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It's been Cold here but sunny and I'm in a part of England right on the coast that hardly ever gets snow so I thought I would draw myself some

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I'm not completely happy with it and I will do several re paints I think


This is fantastic Dave. My husband Roy is pom from Manchester and he loves this too. I especially love your rock formations and the pool. In my humble opinion I wouldn't want to do anything more. Love it just the way it is. The colours are perfect and the faded trees in the background showjust how cold and snowy it is. Vivienne

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This is awesome. You did a great job on it.

I really am a fan of your work. I think you tackle painting problems as challenges - motivating. Most of the elements in this one are not easy and you have figured the techniques to really push the perception.


THanks Vivienne and Bob

here's another take on it


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Even better.


I also like the extra colour Dave but I still prefer the original.


Excellent Dave...both versions!

I would have felt so happy if I had created both of these scenes Dave. I love both versions and those giant layers of rock in the 1st one bring such a different atmosphere. I realise that half of them are still there in the 2nd one, but covering them with snow changes the feel once again. Really good work! I wouldn't mind having some snow fall in my area for a change. :) Rob

Thanks Vivienne thanks Valerie sorry i missed your comment in first reply 

Thanks Bob ken and rob

thanks again all for your support


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