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The King of Capitalism


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This is great Bob. It reminds me of Francis of Assisi and the way the animals were drawn to him. Beautiful pigeons. I like the way your man is standing ina hole, shows he is a very stable person and well grounded. Like everything about this. Vivienne

Thank you Vivienne. It started out as something more simple. Then it mutated.


I'm afraid I'm ignorant on this subject Bob, but I did a search and saw a few things which I've now put in a box for wider understanding...  :). 

There also seems to be a documentary and maybe a series on this subject or rather on the subject of your title, which would have been interesting to see  

I do love your picture and my first thoughts (before doing a search) were of an all embracing power over the world, and also how well you put this scene together, and that you have a clever mind in the way you compose your pictures.  Love your pigeons and the fact that one is perched on head.  (maybe he's the real king).  :)  Rob

Thanks Rob. I hadn't heard of the movie before. Like most of my picture ideas, the name just popped out of my head. My head keeps coming up with challenges for my hand and mouse. My thoughts expressed that capitalism seems to be going out of control here while the government colludes. We have some work to do.


Then your head is keeping you very busy Bob  :)  According to my search the capitalism has stretched world wide and there is probably no going back now. The governments make a lot of money out of it without having to work for it. Pretty smart of them  IMS...  lots of dishonesty in the 3 world empires but they will "get theirs" when the time is ripe.  In the meantime I will look forward for more of these wonderful creations of yours and the wonderful BGs. Rob  :)

I like it Bob looks like capitalism is on dogey ground.There is quite a lot of unconcious symbolism going on in this one


This is terrific. It does remind me of St. Francis of Assisi. nice work.

Thanks Dave. Not all of my symbolism is unconscious. :) Thank you Val. I don't think this guy is a saint. I think he plays for the other team.


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