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painting with shape brushes

quick painting using shape brushes and clips to give the brush tip shape..... mostly my a few adapted from photoshop

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the mountains drawn mainly with the the tip shape second up on far right just below the layers panel


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Interesting Dave. You go to unusual lengths to draw your scenes. (unusual to  me that is). I really like all the shadows and shapes in your mountains.:)  Rob.

PS  I see how you went about loading this... :)

Excellent results!

thanks Rob you know me ...just mixing it up a bit... I just wanted some more interesting brush shapes to draw with as an alternative to using photoshop

Thanks Ken this method gives quite a good painterly stroke so you can draw more loosely


Love this Dave and I also love the way you experiment with different brushes.  Beautiful rocky mountains.  I should be a bit more daring too I suppose and branch out a bit more.  You always inspire.


Nice picture. I'm learning from you on the clip brushes. I haven't used them in a while. I like what you do with them.


Thanks Vivienne Im always looking for different ways to paint for a challenge.

Thanks bob when you say clip brushes I assume you mean shape brushes the two are poles appart

the brush I'm using is a combined shape and mask brush.


Dave, when I saw the clip bank window open, I thought I understood but didn't. I developed a brush that will do both clips and shapes. Your wave pictures inspired me to work on it. In this sample I painted the square with the 'One Dab' brush and then saved it to a clip bank. The left is painted with the clip, the right with the shape. If anyone is interested, I'll share the brush code. I like what you're doing here. New stuff to try.



Hi bob I for one am interested in what you are doing a shot of the effects panel would be good ,it's not 100% clear to me  from your picture.. the black square is throwing me 

Are you somehow getting col into the clip without saving the clip as a coloured square?

cheers dave


Dave, the color in the clip was one of the things I was trying to achieve. I have been working on this one for a while and just made recent changes. With this code, if I used the select shape control I get the shape as a brush and if I have a clip bank open if I click a clip it becomes the brush. Sometimes I try some obscure effects so if you have questions about any of the controls - ask.






Fine coverage


Shape Brush,combo,0,0

Select Rotation,combo,0,0

Select Shape,combo,0,0

Cor Dabit Alpha,combo,9,9

Spac cen pro[1]Spacing[2]0[3]100[4],combo,0,7

*VM Invert[1]Invert Value Modifiers[2]0[3]1[4]1[5] [6],combo,0,0

Rotate[1]Directional Rotate[2]0[3]1[4]1[5],b-ang4,9,9

Jitter[1]Jitter[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,1,4

Scatter[1]Scatter[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,2,1

*Color1to4[1]Adjustable Color Range[2]1[3]99[4]1[5] [6],combo,7,4

*Hi TL[1]Highlight[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,0,1

*3D Abs Bottom Right[1]3D[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,2,5

Luminance[1]Luminosity[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,6,9

Lum vary[1]Vary Luminosity[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,1,8

*Col vary[1]Vary Color[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,0,0

Select Texture,combo,0,0


*Value[1]Value[2]0[3]100[4]1[5] [6],combo,2,4

No effect,combo,0,8

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

No effect,combo,0,0

BD Shape Painter 1




Hi bob you have been busy you seem to have all the variations in a shape brush covered here. 

Texture a redundant effect?

As a personal preference I would have split this into several brushes I find it too time consuming adjusting and turning too many effects off  or on to get the  required.brush but that's just me being old..... three adjustments at a time is about right for me  lol

cheers dave

Texture - apparently a vestigial control. I'll remove it with the next revision. I use a lot of controls on some brushes. On this one - inspired by your wave posting to finish it - I liked the subtleties that I could get in color and value with all the controls. When I hit on a really good one, I save the preset for the right job. I guess it's an addiction. I spend a lot of time fiddling with brushes.


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