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size test

 to test the sizes

 900 x 600


900 X 650


900 X 700


900 X 800


well for me at least the 900 X600 no joy 

But from 650 width up left click works 
so it seems to bare out my theory both using firefox and chrome
cheers dave

They all open with a L click for me Dave, using chrome. 

that's good rob I was more interested in how the size affected the ability to open for someone having trouble .it might well be a flash issue or just a widows system issueor how up to date the computer or browser  is I don't know

the fact is if 600 doesn't open but 650 upwards does the size must be influencing that abilty

the 600 can be opened right click open in new window or firefox right click view image

cheers dave

I just tried it in Firefox and yes, the 600 only opens with a R click for me as well, but it opens in the same window, unlike the others which open in a new window. So if it's all correct with chrome, but not with firefox then the incompatibility begins with Firefox I think. I know there are other factors as well because in the past, members got a very wide range of results using the exact same system and the exact same browser as each other.  Have fun figuring it all out Dave.  :) Rob


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