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Walking on the stage with viewers

Okay I have finally finished something. I'm only partially happy(ish) with it.

health problems have slowed me down a bit, but I seem to be getting slowly better.

Anyway here it is for what it's worth.




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Hmmm! Lost a lot of detail here, any suggestions or advise?

Hi Ralph. Good to see you here. I like it. The curtains are cool. I'm still figuring out the uploading to get what I want where I want. If I find your solution I'll let you know.


Hi Ralph, sorry to hear you have been ill but nice to hear things are improving.

Your results here are very good and your style is always present and message and thought is never lacking!  Thanks for sharing!


I should add your image is showing as 900x600. Did you have a different size that you pasted in?


Hi Ken,

Thanks for the positive comment

The posted image size, (much shrunk from the original image in TB) was indeed 900x600 at 829KB. Is there an optimum balance between size and DPI?

Hi Bob

thanks for the welcome, and any thing you find out about posting pic will be most welcome.


Hi Ralph, I hope you are much better now. It is so good to see your work again. I really like this a lot, the different actors and actresses are all telling a story. The fact that the curtains are different shows different stages and all those beautiful viewing eyes tell a very interested audience. Great work. Vivienne

Ralph, read my post "Picture Size." There might be info there that will help.


Hi Ralph, 

With regards to size and DPI. It really comes down to the expect target medium for the image. For print you what a much higher DPI for on-screen viewing lower is fine. 

Ultimately TB really cares about size x by y in pixels but when setting page sizes it allows working in DPI to aid us humans that like to think in inches for printing for example. 


sorry to hear you have not been well this is always a bad time of the year.

glad to see one of your signature style pictures and to see you on the site.excellent as usual...regarding the detail size etc it pops up on clicking at 900X600 as ken remarks and the detail is fine to me .

if you aren't happy just add it to a comment on this post at a larger size.

That's the beauty of this system there is no need to create a new post to showcase alterations etc

take care dave

Thanks for you comments  guys,

Glad you like the painting Vivienne, and I'm feeling a lot better, thank you.

Bob I will check out your post on picture size...thank you.

Ken I'm sorry my post was not clear, I am fairly familiar with the basics of digital images. What I was really asking was if there was an optimum size for posting an image here., but I think with the help of the comments I have received from you , Bob and Dave I can work this out with a bit of research and experimentation .

Dave thanks, I'm feeling a lot better, I was unwell due to a combination of Flu morphing into a bad upper respiratory infection, (an unfortunately common occurrence for me) and problems with blood sugar control, everything seems to be settling now.

The original image was approx. 8" by 12" at 300 dpi. I shrunk it considerably before uploading, but was somewhat disappointed by the loss of detail particularly in the figures. and the background patterns.

there are some subtleties which were lost.

I'm going to read Bob's post, and armed with your and Kens advice do a bit of experimentation .


Hi Ralph!  Great to see you!  maybe some of our warmth  here would help?  :)

Your stage scene is very interesting with the different performances and with all eyes watching with various thoughts about the performances.   I view it in 2 ways,  the stage of life, and we're always on view to someone or other with critique always present, and  your "appearance" here in TB gallery is the other, but that thought only in a light hearted way.  :)))

Did you click on your picture above to see the full view?  I did and the detail is all there. Some wouldn't know to do that as it is not a thumbnail that looks as though you need to click on it.  

I'm very glad to see some improvement in your health.  :)))  Robyn 

Thanks Robyn,

As always I enjoy your take on my paintings.

My health improves daily, although I am still a little weak.

For some reason clicking on my picture does nothing, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Although I can't think what?

I'm going to try and be helpful here, and comment on the posted work, hopefully the gallery here will become more popular and the community more lively.

Cheers Ralph

A click is a click one would think Ralph. lol  I just clicked on it again and this time I got a smaller version. Did you look in the new tab/window to see the result of your click? Mine opened in a new tab to show the larger version.

1st time the smaller version was above, now the full page version is there instead.

Something has changed since my last click, as it's doing the opposite now. Mind you,  I think the 1st time I was on my PC and now I'm on my laptop.  That could be the reason, but maybe Ken has changed something to fix your problem..

I hope you can find the base reason why you are so unwell.  You are a worry....  :)  Robyn.

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Hi ralph
on my computer if I use aol then I can just left click and in opens in a new window
if i use firefox then I have to RIGHT click and select view image which opens in new window
if I use chrome then it's Right click and select open in new tab
HOWEVER it's not the same for all the pictures as bob was saying I havent tested this theory but i think it has to do with the size esp  the depth as this is usually the smaller
It seems to be the smaller images that don't just come up with a left click
I am goint to load a selection of sizes to see


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