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loose depiction of the ocean really tried to not get to detailed but give the overall effect with loose marks.

used the old trick of adding some noise to help pull things together


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Fantastic Dave !  Your ocean is so beautiful, even though turbulent and dark, as though a storm brewing has darkened it !  I love the looseness of it and the wonderful fluctuation of colours. You did really good here.  I'm not up on noise yet, I did try it out a few times...  but you have expertly used it here by the looks of it. I love this.  :) Rob

thanks rob noise is a good way to pull a picture together this is without noise


this is with noise it has the effect of softening hard edges


Oh yes, I see the difference Dave. Thanks.  :)

I love the ocean in all its moods Dave and yours is brilliant. I can see myself in a boat/ship rolling along inthose waves. I have never been sure about the noise either but you have explained it wellso thanks for that. Love this worl. Vivienne

Thanks Vivienne much appreciated


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