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Bit of Air brushing burning and dodging

Did this after long time..Good to get back to the forum

(4.56 MB)

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Hi Parag!  Kate Winslet was the first name that came to mind when I first looked then I read the title so you must have done a good job!  Well I know you did. On the large image I can see all the lovely colours you used and I like the intense expression. Is this traditional ? or digital... :)  Rob

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Wow! Parag this is really stunning work. Perfect colouring and like Robyn, I also wanto to know if this is traditional or digital. Whatever it is I truly love it. Vivienne

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Maybe it is digital after going back and looking at the airbrushing ,burning and dodging. Vivienne

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It is digital over the pencil sketch that I did not like.. Thanks!


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Smudging with vapor Smudge.. Pro Colorize and the air brush.

I had never tried this way before.


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I love the pencil sketch too  Parag!!!  your technique worked so well to turn her into colour.  :)  Rob

I also love the pencil sketch Parag.  Very clever of the way you have coloured her in.  I love them both.


love your drawing Parag and your digital version 

as a point of interest it looks ok on screen but as someone who has done his own printing I found that highly contrasted areas like the ones you get from using the dodge or burn tools do not print well esp the burn areas as there is too much ink laid down and it creates weird patchy effects esp on photo paper as it isn't as  absorbant as watercolour paper; which by the way is great to print on as the inks are water based in most domestic printers.

I remember selling a print and having to convince the buyer that it was a print not a watercolour and that the cheap price reflected that.

just a dit of info ....regards dave

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Beautiful results! Nice to see your post Parag!


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