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Twisted Brush under Ubuntu?

I am currently thinking about setting my art pc up anew using Ubuntu. Still there will be some apps which are windows apps and which I would have to use with the Wine tool. Has anybody made some experiences with that?





On the old forum there was a topic about running Twisted Brush under wine.
What it boiled down too is that for some people it would run (nearly) perfectly full speed no crushes...etc and others could not run it at all due to graphical issues. It seems to be highly defendant on your video card maybe*.  I am part of the people who had a copy running just fine for a long while under Manjaro (Arch) except for the fact I could never get stylus pressure to work I use a 970GTX. I have since moved back to running Twisted Brush on Windows as I've set up a dedicated system just for art as  that is windows based as I couldn't get ClipStudioPaint to run on wine at all after version 1.5x.

That being said I don't recall anyone running Ubuntu having ever actually got Twisted Brush to work, so their could be a chance that Distro type could play a role as I do recall meeting at least 3 other Arch users who used Twisted Brush.

Hmmm, thanks for the answer. So it seems as if i am going to have Ubuntu in a second partition first and see if its wort it ...

Just noticed this post.
I agree with SNM. I have also moved all my Windows programs onto a dedicated Win 7 PC as I battled with Ubuntu under Wine. Some programs did run but TB never did, again I think it was a graphics card conflict. The ones that did run then failed after a Wine update.
I think it's just too much hassle to try it as how can you be creative with a crashing system.
Ubuntu is a fantastic OS but only run Linux programs on it.
Yes a dual boot system works fine.


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