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the bottle

trying out some water brushes using the clip brush 

locking layer and overpainting in chosen col


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Hi there,

Sure do.   Haven't tried this as you've stated - clip brush locking layer - did you use the bottle as a clip and go from there.   I have done similar things but not by the method you have used.    Water looks great - can almost feel it moving.

Cheers Isla

thanks the bottle was just drawn in it was only the water brushes I used as clips but now surov has suggested a suitable brush I no longer will need to lock and overpaint.


This is clever and very well done Dave. I haven't tried those brushes yet.  I like the clips graph too, I still have a lot to learn but will eventually get to try all these different things out.  Does your bottle have a message in it?  Love the wave ocean too.


Thanks vivienne... the brush code surov suggested was just a means to deliver the clips I have made to simulate water in the way i needed so aren't available for you to try I'm afraid

regards dave

Thanks Dave, sometimes I get carried away.


Your water is beautiful Dave, I love the waves with dark and light areas. The colour is glorious! I like being able to see through and into the bottle too. As for clips, I don't have a clue, couldn't even make a start, but I did see very recently Ken talking about them to someone in the general forum, with pictures... so I must take another gander at that. . Thanks for the beautiful work that you share.  :)  Rob

Excellent water. Texture and color are both right. Wish I could.


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