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Mountain Man


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You are coming on strong Bob!  (double meaning there  :)  ).  I love this, super work. He's very near the edge, but being the mountain man that he is, he is sure footed  and confident. The BG is perfect to set him off and I love his outfit.  :) Rob

Thank you Rob, I've had more enthusiasm for painting and experimenting with new techniques. This is one of my recent favorites.


I was thinking along those lines Bob, thinking that you had new a style or something.  Good on you! I know in the past you mentioned that you felt in a rut or similar with your painting , so now you are not!  :)  Rob

Now this is real tough looking he man mountain man Bob. Big bold and very strong and and master of his little world. He has obviously just climbed up a treacherous mountain. Love this a lot. Vivienne

another great one really like the perspective view it adds a great deal to the image


Vivienne, Dave, thanks. I tried a lot of arm positions before this felt right. Love digital. In the old days I would have erased a hole in the paper.


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