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Then What Happened?


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Oh Bob this is simply delightful. Your little girl is not in the least bit afraid of the huge horse/dragon. In fact she has hom completely mesmerized by the story she is telling him. I absolutely love this painting. It has a bit of happiness, poignancy, and a funny side too.. the expression on your horse/dragon's face is really beautiful. Please forgive me for not knowing exactlywhat yur beautiful creature is.....but Ireally love him. Vivienne

Oh WOW  Bob.  I love this amazing picture you've created.  So cute and absorbing!  Great idea and you've put them in a wonderful forest setting ... perrfection. This critter of yours is so tender hearted it makes me want to cry. He's a mix of horse and man I think.  :) Rob

Very cool! 

Awesome. I love it.

Thank you all. I finally got just enough ambition to finish this - started 11/2015. Usually when they get that old, I pronounce them dead. I'm glad I finished it and I appreciate your kind words.


great ! love it

Thanks Dave.


This is too cool. I love the subject and the execution. Great work. 

Thank you Rebecca.


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