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Editing Artsets in TB Pro Studio

In my learning curve, I have created several empty Artsets under the "Pro Presets". 
I cannot find anyway or any documentation on how to remove them from the Artset completely. 

How does one do that, please?

Also, is there detailed documentation on each of the various Brush Effects variables, and what the many Brush Effects abbreviations mean?

Thank you very much.


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Hi Danny,

The only way to delete an ArtSet is using Windows File Explorer.  You can find the files in the artsets folder. But keep in mind Windows might have them move into your virtual store.

Currently there isn't a reference for the brush effects. Often the best why to learn is to look at similar brushes. Also know that in the Select Brush dialog you can search for brushes using a brush effect name doing so will find all brushes that are using that brush effect.


Useful piece of information there Ken. As you've probably noticed I've been having the 'time of my life' with brush codes and such over the past few weeks so this helps me to some extent. Still have some unresolved issues though.
When you or any of our excellent community have time, a brush code reference guide would fabulous. I would do it myself but I haven't a clue whats going on, you know...'the blind leading the blind'


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