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How to fill with texture

 So I tend to render some of my art with a lot of seamless textures.

I can't seem to figure out how to go about importing textures and using them.

I can't seem to find anything that would allow that kind of functionality in the general interface, Is there a filter that I'm missing that would allow you to import a seamless texture, well altering it's tiling, rotation, scale, distortion....etc? There is a pretty big list of filters I could see myself easily looking over it, if it dose exist.

Hi Parker,

Yes, you think you best solution will be to use Clips and the Art Pro : Clips ArtSet brushes.


1. Shown here is a seamless image stored as a clip. The user guide and videos give more details about clips.

2. You will use the standard paint tool

3. shown here a is Clip brush designed to fill the layer. 

Clips are quite powerful in TwistedBrush!


I think I'm starting to figure out the clip system fairly well. There's a couple things I've yet to figure out, but I'll hold off on asking questions about them until I get more experience and testing.

One thing that's really bothering me though is how do you manage clips?
I have around 300~500 basic png textures I'd like to import for easy access (more that I'll add as I need them), but the only interface for clips I can find is the clip bank window. Which seems pretty basic, it's great for fast in progress work, but I don't see any names, way to name things, way to sort, or search for things.

I love the fact the system can hold 40,000 things at a time, but it seems kind of crazy to have so many things that can't be organized.  So I assume I have to be completely missing something obvious again... I do apologies for these questions I swear I do try and search for help documentation first.

Hi Parket, there isn't any additional interface for managing the clips. I agree an overhaul of the clips interface would be worthwhile. 

For now your best bet is to just use your favorite image management software or Windows File Explore and build up your clip banks that way. They are just PNG files stored in the clips folder.


 After using clips for a while now, and figuring out a lot of new stuff, I have decided to go ahead and uninstall TwistedBrush for now well theirs still some trial left and wait a few months to try it again. Overall I like the program, but as I can see a lot of my time would be spent using clips it would cost a lot of extra time over the current software I already use due to the way they are managed. Therefore I'll give the clip system some time to mature and come back and try again.

The two biggest things for me:

- Clips need to be able to have names. Ideally the png files themselves would be able to use standard names as well which would make it easier to manage the flat file system too.

- - Categories would also be very nice.

- Their really needs to be an in program search function. Once you get a large number of clips trying to find things by thumbnail alone adds a lot of noticeable time. Even if you know roughly where it could be in the scroll bar.

In many ways I think a system similar to the brush select window (but with sub-categories) would work great for clips.

Of course since I'm tossing in two cents may as well make it  three cents and say that really the current clip system works great for quick and dirty clip usage and in may ways should be left the same, and rather than replacing it, it could be much more desirable overall to make a "Pro Clip" system if you will.

Thanks for the feedback Parker! Clips could benefit from improvements as you stated. There isn't a timeline yet of when this will happen but it is queued.


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