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First Post

My first post.
(90.3 KB)

Well I did something wrong. How do I delete this. Thanks for any help.

Hi Valerie. Great to see you. 

This is what Ken says...

To get your images directly in a message post there are two options:

- From a file use the Windows File Explorer and drag the file into the message area of the forum post. 

- Use Windows copy and paste. It can't get much easier than this. Copy into your clipboard while in TwistedBrush and Paste right into the forum message post. 



Isla had this problem too. She posted it again using the recommended way and it worked. (she had the 2 versions showing at the same time. Later on the faulty one was deleted, maybe by Ken. You could just go ahead and try again now.  If there is no obvious delete button Ken can do that for you. From what I can see it's a pretty scene.  Rob  :)

Ok. Thank,you so much. That will be easier. Hugs and Blessings val

Also Val,  you don't have to use your full name if you don't want to.  Ken can't change the instructions about using your full name, but he said to use whatever you would like to use, hence I'm still bobbity. (I'm not being disobedient...  haha)...  ✿♥♫♪  Rob 

Thanks again. I guess I will stay with Val.

Nice work Val.


thank you Robert.

Great work Val. Love the peace you have incorporated in your work. Vivienne
Thank you so much for the kind words Vivienne.

nice bright picture I particularly like the way you painted the sky it has energy


Thank,you so much Dave.

I have been wondering how the others managed to see your picture so clearly Val, and I've just learned from a comment by Dave, to click on the name by your thumbnail, not the picture itself. lol So now I can see it and it's lovely. A lovely setting for the beautiful little deer. I also love fences in pictures! nice work on the tree with the pretties growing underneath it. :) Robyn.

Hi Val I have also followed Robyn's advice on how to see the larger pic and I have to agree it looks so much nice now that all the detail can be seen.  Missed the deer the first time and the lavender gorwing. Alovely scene indeed.


Hi all!
Ive tried to post a pic but i cant find the categories. Are they no longer there? I will try dragging it into the message as mentioned above now....


oh... it works! Only...isnt it too big, do i have to resize before posting?


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