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Autosaving question

 Hi, new to Twisted Brush, just started using the trial actually.

Thus far really likely what I've experienced, but I'm rather concerned about the lack of any "auto save every x minutes" feature anywhere. It dose seem to auto save on close to the "book page" it was used in. However if I drawn something and then wait a while open Task manager and then end the process the only thing in the "book page" is what was last saved nothing from the session that was ended. Which tells me nothing is being auto saved in case of a BSOD or other system crash. I'm usually pretty good at saving often, but auto save every two minutes or close to it depending on the program has saved my hide so many times over the last ten years I'd be pretty remiss to start using an art program that didn't come with it, so I'm really hoping I'm just overlooking it somewhere.

Don't see anyway to edit a post so I'll just reply.

After some testing it seems Twisted Brush saves when minimized, and seems to be aware of if it's task is being ended and saves (eg forced windows reboot). It dose seem to save after a time as well, as I made a change and then  left it running for 0:30m and then killed it's process tree and the page had been saved. So I guess my updated question is what is the actual frequency of auto save, and or trigger beyond minimizing the window?

Hi Parker, welcome to TwistedBrush. Correct this forum solution doesn't allow editing posts unfortunately. 

Auto saving is active in TwistedBrush and in Pro Studio you can configure the interval of the save in the preferences dialog. You can get to the preferences dialog from the menu Edit > Preferences.

If you are looking at the file in Windows File Manager you may need to manually refresh the listing to see the file difference. Also note that in the latest version of TwistedBrush Pro Studio 5 previous copies of the page is saved.


Oh wow I feel so embarrassed... it's at the top of the list even.. I had to have missed it at least 2-3 times...

Next time I post I'll keep the no editing in mind, it would be good for me to think and look more before asking questions it would seem anyway. XD

Thank you for the help!

Great to hear it's working as expected now!


Hi Parker and welcome to TB.  I know what you mean and I was caught out years ago with system crashes and a lot of work (just done) disappearing.  So mine is on 60 seconds for safety. i guess one could have it less than that too.  So good to have this feature.  I hope you do well with TB paint.   :)  Robyn

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