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 Lately I've been switching between my desktop and my tablet a lot which is where the request comes from. As of now I have a system setup to sync my TwistedBrush program and user files over the network, to my tablet so when I go out I have my book pages, brushes, settings...etc However it can be a bit iffy at times as I do not always have time to do a sync before heading out, which then leads to having to spend a lot of time merging things when I get back from a trip or an artistically productive outing. A real portable version that could just live on a USB key would be overall a much better solution.

 As a bit of a bonus you would also gain a bit more exposure as then TwistedBrush would become listed on websites that highlight portable programs.

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Hi Rolan,

Thanks for the feature request. This has been requests a couple of times before. I will be curious what feedback we will get here for other users. 

Some alternate ideas.

- Being able to specify the location of stored data so that networked drive could be used (for example a dropbox folder).

- There may be a solution for you where you can just set up a third party program and service to keep your TB always synced in the background. I'm am sure there are a number of solutions out there that will do this.

- Perhaps installing TB into a Dropbox folder would work. 


I already do #2 on the list, the issue is that if I'm in a hurry which is most of the time I forget to turn the tablet on and let it sync before leaving the house. Leaving my tablet on all the time to 24/7 to keep it synced is not on my radar either. where I live it cost $0.21 per kw for power and my tablet in a state where it can stay always synced uses 35watts or $64.38 a year, that's a lot of money to pay compared to free.

Dropbox is really not an option either as it wouldn't really help the vast majority of the time as most of my travels take me away from the larger part of society I rarely find my way around wi-fi and my phone dose not support tethering, of course it is also limited to 1GB of data so that would probably not go well anyway.
I mainly like the idea of an official portable because it would make it official.
I myself found years ago that TwistedBrush when installed to a drive other than C: works pretty much portable sans the fact you have to enter your license info on any new computer you run it on. Which of course you wouldn't want to do on a computer that wasn't your own.

 I've never ran into an issue moving TwistedBrush around as if it was portable. The important key is that on your main system where you install TwistedBrush and use it the most you don't use the default C: path otherwise data gets saved to the "virtual store" folder which I'm sure you are aware of as you have setup a sync program to sync the files there.

So in your case Rolan since you are just passing things between the same two computers if you just backup all your files then uninstall your current TwistedBrush to avoid bizarre conflicts, then installed it onto your USB key like you want, and then add back all your files directly into the install directory. (eg: your book1...etc files/folders should be in the same folder as your tbrush.exe) at which point you should be good to go.

As soon as I got your reply in my inbox I immediately tested it out, and it works just as you said!
Well not truly "portable" by standard definition it is close enough for my means. I had just assumed that using the "AppData\Local\VirtualStore...etc" folders on the system was a requirement. Looking it up more on Google after the fact I realize it's actually just where Microsoft stores data that would otherwise be put in the program folders on the C: drive on windows Vista or higher to maintain legacy program support. 

Yes that is correct Rolan the virtual store is completely managed by Windows when software tries to write data into the Windows default program directory (Program Files).

Glad to hear it's working with the dropbox folder installation. This type of thing has been requested by others in the past so I suspect this information can be useful to others as well. 


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