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pixarra sketchbook the beginings

things have come a long way .

All credit to Ken and his vision, quite remarkable really so thank you ken. Over the years you have bent over backwards to accomodate the wishes and needs of our community. Pro Studio and it's spin offs' are a great credit to you

this is the interface of the evaluation edition of sketchbook 1.0

I thought it might be interesting for some people to see where it all sprang from


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quick doodle with version 1.0


I remember a thread on the origins and advances over the years.  So you are still drawing with it Dave.  It looks like it did a good job in colour, and I like the b/w sketch as well  Yes, Ken worked hard to please the people... :)  Rob

Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing these "historic" screenshots. It's funny I was just looking at the first pic you posted just a few days ago and thought I should post it but good you beat me to it. :)


Great oaks from little acorns grow.


Yes I think big changes make us think back to whenever.

I remember clearly joining and submitting pics to you for consideration to be posted I think there was only a handful of members Don(Dclob) was the first person I talked to.I remember asking you for a brush like a starburst that inspired you to create the spacescape set space being my passion at the time.

I think this was the first picture is that right if not I would be interested in seeing the correct one



played with the lighting for fun


Marvellous stuff
Those were the days when paint came in pots and a paintbrush could be used to clean the fluff out of your keyboard.
My first 'art' was produced in Microsoft Paintbox v 4 and it was Dos, EGA and not as pretty as that.
Oh the nostalgia


Actually PC Paint v.4. Does anyone remember EGA (16 colors I think) Great chunky pixels and a very small choice of tools. It wasn't until VGA appeared that we had any control.
Kens achievement here is Star Wars compared to then. I agree that he has done well as a 'lone ranger' and we should support him as much as possible.


Speaking of old paint software. Deluxe Paint II for the PC was the first paint program I ever purchased.


Wow! Ken that was some program for its time. Better processors etc, have really opened up the capabilities of graphics applications today.


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