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Looking for feedback...Sharing Artwork

Looking for feedback from members on sharing artwork here. 

Would it be preferable to have separate sections for each TwistedBrush edition (Pro, Paint, Tree, Liquid, Blob)?

I am hesitant to make too many categories since the number of members sharing artwork is low (unfortunately) but a handful of categories seem fine if it will help.

Is there still confusion about how to post images?  Would a 1 minute video help?


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I think it's too early myself Ken.  Later when more are posting maybe. Wet canvas has long lists of art in the same form as you have, and there are no categories there in the digital section.  It seems to work and is not in want of art posts. It does mean that one has to open it to see if it's a scene or whatever, but people get to know what type of art each member posts. If you ever have heaps of art here I think it's a good idea though

Just a suggestion that it might be better to have  a general forum and an art forum rather than the two mixed?  That way if people come in through the main site and click on "community", they will realise there is a place to post art, or look at art, and not just a general forum. 

I think this change has come at "the busy season" and many are struggling to create new art. With me personally, I've been so busy and inundated from all sides, with illness involved as well, that I have no new pictures completely finished, only old ones.  I also think that many have not caught up with your new site as yet, even though you sent an email out about it. 

I say give it time, some may be in an adjusting period...  :)   

If members knew how to post in the old gallery they would know how to do it here as it's basically the same, you still have to choose from your PC and the rest is straight forward. 

Others may not agree with my thoughts on it all, and that's ok.    :)  Rob

PS.  Just another thought Ken.  There is a link in your main website to the forum here, but if you come directly here, there is no link to head on over to the main website to look at the products etc over there.  You probably have good reason for that... ?    :) Rob

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your feedback!  You make good points and it sounds reasonable to wait to see how things work out in the current layout. 

With regards to having an art only forum and another for general purposes. I will give this some thought and perhaps update the categories with Sharing Artwork placed at the same level as other categories.

If you click the Pixarra logo it brings you to the primary website. This is a somewhat standard convention. However, I agree having a text link also would be helpful. Not sure if there is a way to do that on this forum. 

Thanks for the feedback!


Yes that does work on the logo, lol,I guess people who are used to this set up already know that.  Thanks Ken,now I have no need to open two.   :)  Rob  ✿♥♫♪✿

I would say that one section is right for all artwork rather than scanning for other work in other areas.

My only gripe is that the initial post can't be edited or removed and re posted if an error has been made.

Regarding lack of members posting only time will tell. Even in the old gallery posts had faded to just a few a week. I was hoping the change would inject a bit of momentum to help get the new site up and running but as yet that doesn't appear to be the case.

There was a big show of feelings about the possibility of the old gallery closing with the switch to deviantart, as a lot of members had negative issues with that site so I'm astounded that now you have given us an alternative those members aren't posting to help get things going here


Hi Dave,

Hi Dave, 

Thanks for the feedback!  I agree that given the number of artwork posts that one section is enough. 

I am surprised there isn't more because it is so easy to share artwork now. It's not even necessary to manually save to a file. Simple copy from TB and paste into a post is all that is needed. 

I will continue to tweak and tune to try to make this location an nice place for TB users to share their work.

Yes editing posts would be nice. It is a request that has been made to the creator of this portal software. I have found other companies have issued the same request so hopefully it will be something that is possible at some point in the future.


It seems strange to me that we can delete our own comments, yet we can't delete our own pictures Ken. Maybe the creator of this software could look at that issue as well.  It may not seem important to some, but it is to others. :)  Rob

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Hi Rob a work round is to not post the picture in the original post just a  few words introducing the picture  and then put it in a comment  .

it would make for a messy category with comments etc without a picture but hey that's the price.

I have always wanted control of what is being displayed on the web and I know that this lack of control will stop some people posting .It also influences what pictures I would post here  as well

I'm not sure if Ken has the ability to delete posts I would assume he has but he won't want to be constantly contacted for that


Well,  you had your thinking cap on for that one Dave, and thanks for responding.. As you say, a bit messy, and I think I saw it already done once on this site, not sure about that but the picture was found. (I just went looking and it was Vivienne because she didn't succeed in the 1st box). Anyway, you can take you own good advice here as well you know...  so that you will feel freer to share.  As far as I can see by Ken's comment somewhere, he can delete the pictures, and I don't think many would ask that he do that  :)) Rob  

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