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Magic tree

bit of fun with tree brush



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Cool Dave!  I like the pretty one in the middle, unusual look.  The bottom one is reminiscent of a creepy  spider "branching out in life". Top one tree ghosts...  and I like the fact that you have a few leaves there, sort of like, the tree was thought to be dead but life has come.  All very interesting and makes my thoughts go wild.  :) Rob :)

PS...  no edit button so have to make another comment.   Meant to say...  I like your large leafed/leaved  BG too, and I like your ideas in general.   :)   Rob

Yes unfortunately there is no option to allow members to edit posts. 


Have been deleting my posts and re-posting them to edit my mistakes out Ken.  lol  No cute lil smileys either, I'm a great fan of them.  :)  I don't think others have caught up with the 'follow' button for the forum either...  Maybe a new topic?  :) Rob

Like your quaint trees Dave but I LOVE the middle one best of all


Nice Dave.. 


thanks everyone 


Love the leaves.
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