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Liquid Studio brushes in TwistedBrush Pro question.

Is there are reason all the Liquid Studio brushes in TwistedBrush Pro have Mirror pg h and Mirror pg v? I don not recall this being how the brushes work in liquid studio itself.

Hi Rolan,

In Liquid studio these brushes honor a global setting (from a menu setting) for mirroring therefore all the brushes from liquid Studio have the mirror effects enabled. In Pro Studio those effects can be turned off from the Brush Effects panel.

Hope that helps,


 Wouldn't it make more sense to have them default to disabled, but still be there? Or is it that more people are leaving mirror on then off? I personally rarely use mirroring so it's much more cumbersome to have to remember to turn off the mirror every time I switch a to a different liquid or blob studio brush, then it would be to remember to turn it on for special work.

That said I'd very much support a global menu based mirroring option set be placed into Twisted Brush Pro too, it seems like it would be a much more ideal solution then making a bunch of extra brush effects, it also seems like it would be great for other brushes as well as it would eliminate the need for users to ever have to add mirroring effects manually to many brushes for temporary use.

The only real reason they are defaulted to on in is that the ArtSets were added directly from Liquid Studio with no changes. I do agree it will make sense to default them to off. I will make note of that. 

A global mirror option in Pro Studio would be nice but the difficulty is that because of the flexibility of the brush effects system there is not an exact point when mirroring should be applied. It can be different based on different brush effects in use and the intended effect. Since Pro Studio includes many thousands of brushes it because too difficult to manage this global mirroring. However, for Liquid Studio and Blob Studio with a reduced set of brushes it was possible. 



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